is a natural ingredient that helps manage stress and promote relaxation. It aids to maintain a positive mood* and contributes emotional balance.

*European only.


A targeted action

Femme stressée

In stressful situations*

Homme stressé

For recurring and day-to-day pressure**

Homme joyeux levant les bras au ciel

To reduce tension and irritability

Femme en position de relaxation

favours relaxation

*Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial on 56 participants at the University of East Anglia (UK)
**Satisfaction study under medical supervision conducted in France on 102 participants

A unique solution against stress and its effects on the physical and mental well-being

Thanks to its demonstrated effects on the brain, Safr’Inside offers a complete action to ensure a well emotional balance.

Several studies have validated saffron’s benefits in improving life quality under stressful situations, this can be reflected through a troubled digestive system or sleep disruption, as well as to ease particular physiological conditions such as premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and menopause.


A saffron extract with a preserved composition

Our patented extraction process Tech’Care™ protects our saffron and prevents the alteration of its active molecules.

The native composition of saffron is preserved and complete (full spectrum), which allows the molecules contained in Safr’Inside™ to act in a complementary way to obtain optimal benefits

Safr’Inside™, from traditional use to modern Science

Our scientific team was inspired by the best of nature to develop an innovative ingredient with the objective of combating the stress that surrounds us at present.

The use of saffron has been recognized for nearly 3500 years in Ayurvedic, Persian and Indian medicine. It is even said that ambient perfume was once made from saffron and was used by the Egyptians and Cleopatra herself as incense that was burnt in the evening to ease the pressure of the day.

At our laboratories in Bordeaux, seven years of intense research have resulted in Safr’Inside™, a unique natural ingredient from saffron that helps you manage your daily stress better.

Responsible sourcing

Safr’Inside™ is made from saffron originating from the Khorasan region of Iran, or more precisely around the village of Seno. Far from any source of pollution, this place benefits from one of the most unique irrigation system in the world: the qanats.

In order to overcome the lack of water in this semi-arid region, wells and underground tunnels were built to collect precious rainwater from the mountains to be brought into the fields. These installations are classified as a UNESCO world heritage.

The saffron is cultivated with expertise dating back 3000 years but only the tip of the stigma is collected due to the high concentration of active compounds.

Our saffron is then extracted in France by means of our patented extraction process.

Label clean label
Label made in France
Label organic availlable
Label vegan

They are satisfied by Safr’Inside™

You really feel something calming inside you, you feel much calmer. I instantly realized that it made me feel good. It is a really effective product to combat against daily stress.


I felt more cheerful and less anxious. What appealed to me most was the fact that it was quick in terms of efficiency. I am very satisfied with it – that I want to emphasize how fast and efficient taking it was.


You feel more positive. After 2 days I felt more zen. I am more than satisfied with Safr’Inside for its remarkable efficiency, I have never found anything so effective.



of consumers found the effects rapid

of consumers are satisfied by the efficacy of Safr'Inside™

Our expert’s opinion

The advantages of Safr’Inside™

Proven scientific efficacy*


Demonstrated bioavailability

100% Natural and Non-GMO

Developed and fabricated in France

100% plant-based and vegan

*The efficacy of Safr’Inside has been demonstrated through three scientific publications.