Mood & emotional balance Think POSITIVE

Too much stress ? Feel overwhelmed ? 65% people more zen.
Need more motivation ? 78% people more optimistic.
Efficient in less than 2 weeks.


Proprietary consumers study

50 healthy adults, 30 mg/day, 15 days

Proprietary U-HPLC method

Full characterization

Similar effects to Fluoxetine

Published clinical evidence

Pluri-parametric action

Identified mechanisms

CLAIMS Outside

Sargol quality

100 % Iranian Saffron

Patented profile

More than 25 compounds

Chemical profile

Backed by more than 10 clinical studies

Patented process

Tech’care™ Soft Extraction

THE FLUOXETINE-like effect of Saffron




Published clinical studies show that Iranian Sargol saffron extract, administered at 30 mg/day, significantly relieves anxiety & depressive syndromes, in only 1 week.


The saffron efficacy has been shown to be statistically identical to FLUOXETINE or IMIPRAMINE, the two main pharmaceutical drugs used to treat those disorders, without any side effects.

A patented premium ingredient

Sargol Iranian Quality

saffronOnly the purest and richest quality for Safr’Inside™.

Tech'Care™ Soft extraction

Protects saffron VOLATILE COMPOUNDS from temperature variations & solvent alterations.

Preserves NATIVE COMPOSITION of Iranian saffron and its natural richness in Safromotivines.


composition saffron

The Richest extract

characterized by both UV & U-HPLC

More than 25 compounds identified by PROPRIETARY IN-HOUSE U-HPLC method.

Proprietary results

Efficient results on mood, after only 15 days of supplementation.


A pluri-parametric action

central action



(serotonin, GABA, dopamine), correcting anxiety and depressive disorders



peripheral action



therefore counteracting the stress response

Traditional mood stabilizer

Long history of use, since nearly 3000 years, as a spice used in Persian & Indian
Ayurvedic medecines for its MOOD BENEFITS.

How to use?

First effects in less than 2 weeks

how to use

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